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Scientists Finally Measure the Strength of the Bonds That Hold Together Water More molecules imaged by the researchers (Kawai et al) Water’s got some special properties you’ve surely heard about in high school chemistry. Most notably, it sticks to itself really well. It beads together, looks like this in space, and climbs up plants’ vascular systems, all thanks to hydrogen bonds. Now, scientists have figured out exactly how sticky those ubiquitous bonds are. Scientists have imaged hydrogen bonds before, but are now reporting that they’ve quantitatively measured them in action, using incredibly high-resolution microscopes. And getting a better understanding of hydrogen bonds can be a big deal when studying molecules that rely on them. That includes our own DNA, whose two chains are held together by hydrogen bonds. Normal bonds occur when atoms share electrons. But hydrogen atoms are just single positive charges attached to single electrons, so when they bond with something else, the resulting molecule has an exposed positive side. This side can stick to negative bits on other molecules. The new technique was able to actually measure the strength and behavior of these bonds.

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